Our Services

PKII’s services include pre-investment studies such as the examination and analysis of the technical, economic, financial, sociological and ecological aspects of proposed projects. PKII conducts general development studies, field investigations and market surveys; prepares master regional/sectoral/area development plans, identifies and formulates project and conducts feasibility and other pre-investment studies as required by its clients. For this purpose, PKII conducts related and special surveys and studies on environment, finance and institution building.


For this phase of project development, PKII undertakes the preparation of design criteria, detailed technical plans and designs, construction programs, detailed cost analyses and estimates, financing plans, tender documents including assistance in the pre-qualification of contractors and during the entire bidding process.


Services provided by PKII during this phase of a project generally include field supervision, progress and cost control, construction accounting and quality control and laboratory tests. PKII’s services are available either to assist the client’s in-house staff or assume total management of the implementation of the project.


PKII’s package of services extends not only up to the completion of the project construction but also beyond implementation and/or construction activities such as facilities testing and start-up to ensure that the facilities perform according to plans or accepted standards and during operations of the facilities to determine the accuracy of the various assumptions/parameters used during the project preparation stage, to introduce necessary corrective measures for maximum benefits and further strengthen the capability not only of PKII but also its clients for pre-investment services/activities.

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PKII’s services under this stage of project development involve operational assistance and training of the client’s in-house personnel, including the preparation of appropriate operation and maintenance manuals.